Nothings On ep16 Molly wants a cracker
Mike and Molly
Human Target
Ignorant Transformers
Donny does Boyz in the Hood
Peoples Choice Awards
nothingsonpodcast@gmail.com 8ee96aae-95c0-ad51-0844-81b55d1fea45.mp3

Nothings On ep17 Darrell does broadway
In this episode Darrell tries to interview someone from the Spiderman turn off the dark broadway play. They also discuss Human Target,No Ordinary family,V,and Castle. Plus we talk about some tv ratings. 2a73684a-110e-53bb-10c1-c6bccedeefa4.mp3

Nothings On ep20 Darrell&Donny strike back
In This episode we talk about No Ordinary Family,V,Young Justice,Mad Love,Mr Sunshine,and we make a new drinking game. Also stay tuned to hear about a very important benefit that Donny is doing for victims of Cancer.


Nothing’s On ep21 Shooting the poop

In this episode we wade through the muck that is called reruns to talk about the Event,the Middle,why do all the V aliens know karate,Traffic Light,and we throw insome comic talk.b60cfb9c-0087-fb08-71c0-e358632bb348.mp3


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3 11 2010
24 11 2010
24 11 2010
PKD Media » Archive » Episode #40: The Shawn & Donny Show!

[…] Nothings On Podcast – https://nothingson.wordpress.com/episodes/ […]

9 12 2010
The Comics Podcast Network » The PKD Black Box-Episode #40: The Shawn & Donny Show!

[…] Nothings On Podcast – https://nothingson.wordpress.com/episodes/ […]

5 01 2011
The Forgotten Flix Podcast: Ep. 003 - What Would Bruce Campbell Do? | Forgotten Flix

[…] can check Darrell out on The Nothing’s On Podcast. Here’s the podcast episode page and the Facebook page for his show. He’s also a regular contributor to The Dafixer’s […]

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